Sahar Nasr

Sahar Nasr

Ministre de l’Investissement et de la Coopération internationale, Égypte

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Dr. Sahar Nasr was sworn in as the Egyptian Minister of Investment and International Cooperation on February 16, 2017 then reappointed on June 14, 2018. She earned her Professorship from the Supreme Council of Universities. Dr. Nasr has focused on strengthening Egypt’s ties with its existing international partners, as well as exploring new opportunities for cooperation, all through the establishment of mutually-beneficial partnerships. This has involved consolidating Egyptian-Gulf relationships, expanding and deepening ties with African states, and exploring new relationships with Asian partners. She is the National Coordinator of the National Committee for the Follow-Up on the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. Dr. Nasr also serves as Governor of Egypt to several institutions such as The World Bank, The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa, and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. She is a Professor of Economics at the American University in Cairo and a Lecturer at several Egyptian and foreign universities, and has published extensively.

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