Ros Harvey

Ros Harvey

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Ros is a thought-leader in the field of technology, particularly the Internet of Things, and has pioneered new approaches to user-driven technology, innovation and development.

Ros works across the public and private sectors to create large-scale sustainable change leveraging digital technology. She has a particular commitment to creating public good with private effort through innovative business models, which is reflected throughout her career
Ros is a serial social entrepreneur. She recently co-founded the Australian Knowledge Institute (KEi) together with Dr Michael Briers. The KEi is a social enterprise owned by Australia and NZ’s 40 universities and chaired by former World Bank Chief Innovation Officer, Chris Vein.

The KEi’s purpose is to bring the power of digital technology and big data to all so that together we can solve complex problems through collaboration and innovation. Cisco and Bosch are founding commercial partners in the KEi. Cisco’s 8th global Cisco Internet of Everything Innovation Centre, with a focus on minerals and agriculture, is co-located with the KEi in Sydney.

Ros also was the founding director for the globally-recognised Better Work and Sense-T programs – both which use strong novel technology and innovative business models to drive economic and social benefit.

Better Work is a partnership between the International Finance Corporate and the International Labour Organisation which aims to improve working conditions and competitiveness in the world's apparel supply chains. Better Work has touched one million workers across eight countries and is a flagship program for both organisations. Better Work holds the world’s largest longitudinal data base on working conditions and competitiveness in any global supply chain.

Sense-T is creating the world's first economy-wide IoT deployment that integrates different data sources to build a digital view of the southern Australian state of Tasmania. Sense-T will give business, governments and communities the tools to make better decisions - to help do more with less. Sense-T's initial focus was in food and agriculture but is now moving into a range of industries such as freight and logistics, health, and smart infrastructure.

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