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Nur Wulan Nugrahani

Animatrice bénévole pour les jeunes, Centre de la jeunesse Pilar - IPPA Java central

Nur Wulan Nugrahani, 22, was born in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia on April 8, 1996.  She is in her last semester studying public health at Diponegoro University. Although she specializes in epidemiology and tropical disease, she is also interested in issues of youth development and is involved in volunteer work on issues of adolescents sexual and reproductive health in Semarang.  Through her involvement in the Pilar Youth Center - IPPA Central Java, she contributes in the implementation of comprehensive sexual education in the schools and community as a youth facilitator. She recently co-led the implementation of ‘mystery client’ activities to gather information about access to contraceptives and abortion for unmarried adolescents and young people.