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COVID-19 : Comment le Groupe de la Banque mondiale aide-t-il les pays à faire face à la pandémie ? Suivez notre actualité

Ezequiel Molina

Économiste et chef d’équipe pour l’outil Teach, Banque mondiale

Ezequiel is an Economist and the team leader for the SABER-Teachers program and Teach classroom observation tool within the Global Knowledge and Innovation Unit of the Education Global Practice. He works on measuring the quality of education service delivery and improving teachers’ classroom practices. In this capacity, he provides support to projects in Africa, Latin America, and South Asia. Previously, he worked in the Africa Human Development Economic Unit of the Poverty Global Practice and was a core team member of the World Development Report 2017 on Governance and the Law. Ezequiel holds a Ph.D. in Political Economy from Princeton University, and a B.A. and M.A. in Economics from La Plata National University in Argentina.