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Environmental and Social Framework: Draft Guidance Notes for Borrowers

28 novembre 2017 | 10h00 - 11h30 ET, 15h00 À 16h30 GMT


The Environmental and Social Standards, which form an integral part of the World Bank’s new Environmental and Social Framework, set out requirements for borrowing countries relating to the identification, assessment, and management of environmental and social risks and impacts associated with projects financed by the Bank through Investment Project Financing (IPF). The Bank is preparing Guidance Notes for Borrowers as a resource to help explain requirements contained in the Standards and provide helpful examples. The Guidance Notes are currently open for comment and the LiveChat will focus on answering questions pertaining to the process of the comment period as well as the current substance of the notes.

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Advisor, Stakeholder Engagement

Director, Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience, World Bank Group

Director, Environment and Natural Resources Global Practice

Chief Officer, Environmental and Social Standards, World Bank Group

ESF Implementation Manager

Manager, Environmental and Social Standards, Operational Policy Vice Presidency, World Bank Group

Lead Counsel, Environmental and International Law, World Bank Group