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Gavin Starks

Chief Exective Officer, Open Data Institute

Mr. Gavin Starks has a unique background in business, technology, science and media, and broad and deep knowledge of how data can change the world. Mr. Starks began developing internet-based research tools in 1993. In 2006 he created AMEE, raising more than $10M from world-class venture investors including O’Reilly, USV, and Amadeus (organizing the world’s environmental data, standards, and calculations into a simple web-service). In 2011, Mr. Starks joined the UK Government’s “Energy Sector Board” as part of their Midata open-data initiative. Having helped to kick-start the streaming media industry in Europe in the late 90’s, Mr. Starks created an award-winning media-technology service, Tornado, selling it to a larger media group in 2003. At the UK’s Jodrell Bank Radio Observatory he worked on systems designed to map and interpret the universe.