COVID-19 : Comment le Groupe de la Banque mondiale aide-t-il les pays à faire face à la pandémie ? Suivez notre actualité

Paul Blake, chargé de communication, Groupe de la Banque mondiale - Photo: Simone McCourtie / Banque mondiale

Paul Blake

Chargé de communication, Groupe de la Banque mondiale

Paul Blake is an External Affairs Officer at the World Bank, where he helps design, produce, host, film, and edit several digital podcasts, video series, data visualizations, and other multimedia products. 

Previously, he worked as a journalist for several outlets, including BBC News and ABC News (US), which allowed him to travel and report across North America, in Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East and the UK. His first experience with international development, however, was when he worked as a communications consultant for El Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical (CIAT, part of the CGIAR system) in Cali, Colombia.