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Deqa Yasin Hagi Yusuf

Ministre des Femmes et des Droits de l’homme, Somalie

Hon. Deqa Yasin Hagi Yusuf has extensive experience in the promotion of women’s empowerment, human rights, peacebuilding and conflict resolution through government, civil society and international fora. She previously held the position of Deputy Chair of the Federal Indirect Election Implementation Team (FIEIT), where she played a central role in enabling women to take up 25 per cent of seats in both the house of the people and the upper house of the Federal Parliament of Somalia. She also served as a member of the Oversight Board Committee in the Special Financing Facility (SFF) Committee of the Ministry of Finance. Prior to joining the government, she worked as Operations Manager with IIDA Women’s Development Organization, a civil society organisation working to advance peacebuilding, women’s empowerment and human rights in Somalia since 1991. In this capacity, she held positions as Somalia focal point for the Civil Society Platform for Peacebuilding and Statebuilding and representative in the International Dialogue on Peacebuilding and Statebuilding.