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Ann Thomas

Sanitation and Hygiene Specialist, UNICEF Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Office

Ann Thomas leads UNICEF’s sanitation and hygiene work in Eastern and Southern Africa based in Nairobi, Kenya. She has more than 15 years of global experience working on issues of water, sanitation and hygiene. Within UNICEF, Ann supports both the development of, and operational aspects of, national rural sanitation programs including: behavior change, application of sector analysis tools such as the WASHBAT and sustainability of sanitation interventions. She led the development of a Sanitation and Hygiene Learning Series within Sub-Saharan Africa to improve sector dialogue and sharing of experiences as well as the Sanitation Monitoring Toolkit, an online resource for sanitation sector professionals. Prior to UNICEF, Ann worked with the International Development Research Centre in Canada leading on urban sanitation research in East Asia, with the Water and Sanitation Program in Indonesia on low-income community urban sanitation and with Oxfam in Timor-Leste managing a rural water supply program. She has a master’s in Environmental Engineering from Johns Hopkins University.